Women and That Deep Desire to Marry Rich Men

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By Abdulwasi’i Ilyas

I am facing this one squarely; taking on it from the jugular. In the realm of ambition, men and women are poles apart. Only a few men have the persistence and resilience to build wealth from the scratch; working long and hard at a business or in fewer cases, a job.

Others who seemingly are too conscious of the transient nature of life and the brief sojourn they are dished on planet earth, plunge deeply into treacherous terrains; moving drugs, trafficking humans, and defrauding on the internet. For them anything goes; legal or illegal.

Indonesia,  Saudi Arabian and a host of other countries are confirming the apprehensions of these crop of men; that life is indeed fleeting, and they do so with atrocious brutality.

From an evolutionary perspective, the womenfolk are not predisposed to eclectic earning options as men. Save a few, they resort to praying and hoping that a stupendously wealthy man emerge out of the blue to emancipate them from the squalor they were born into.

Lurking silently in anticipation is not a route many want to tread. They lay bare their intentions to hopeful suitors and take proactive steps towards landing their dream rich prince. This frame of mind is not only embodied by women with some sort of formal training, those without one aren’t left out.

Romance fictions and movies have a role to play in this matter. Deep immersion into these contents builds an unruly fantasy in some of these women that the only ambition they manage to muster is to marry into wealth.

Why Women Strongly Desire Marrying Rich and Successful Men

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey: An Icon of self-made female billionaires. PHOTO: Reuters.

The scale of the world’s richest tilts largely in favour of men. Of the world’s 2,473 billionaires, only 294 are women, less than 12 per cent. Social, cultural and evolutionary factors are responsible for relegating women to that lower league in the sports of wealth. Their domestic roles in bringing up children and its attendant vicissitudes among other things takes the blame.

Consequently, a woman’s radar for the choice of a mate will almost always root for a man with more robust bank balances than for other considerations of good looks and an intimidating built. Beauty is something for which women are more endowed than men. They lag far behind men in the capacity to amass substantial wealth.

The Downside of Marrying Outside Your League

The desire to marry someone solely for their money is not evil. It is fraught with both negative and positive aftermaths. After all, we all harbour the dream of living in affluence some day. The problem is marrying someone way above you in the socio-economic ladder ultimately culminates in a dysfunctional union capable of cascading into a cesspool of frustration and disappointment.

As the union progresses, his mental wire begins to weigh his worth against yours. Your beauty was probably your only contribution to the union and being a wealthy man, he is constantly exposed to younger and more beautiful women vying for his attention in the face of your aging and dwindling appeal.

He grows weary of the woman and probably starts entertaining these much younger girls. A phenomenon that  will in no time dawn on the woman in the form of his disenchantment and its attendant behaviours. She will react in like terms; nagging and yelling. Most of such unions, research shows, end in divorce.

These dynamic can be altered if the woman surpasses her husband in something more than just beauty like an inviting personality and a profound knowledge or education in some field. This is because we all are wired to ask, ”what is in it for me?”

Do yourself a great deal of favour and stay within your league. Do otherwise and live to regret the trauma and turmoil that trails dysfunctional unions.


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