Three Ways to Get a New Job or Advance in an Existing One Regardless of a Recession


Abdulwasi’i Ilyas

The audience had diverse views about the theme of my speech that I could easily tell it from their body languages and countenances. These where youth corp members during a passing out presentation at the twilight of their service year. No doubt their major preoccupation was to receive their certificates in the following days and begin search for fairly-decent jobs.

A mix of euphoria and melancholy was palpable. Certain ideas expressed in my speech came across to some as idealistic textbook theories that count for next to nothing in the real world, what mattered most they argued where pragmatic steps to land their first jobs straight out of that lecture hall.

That didn’t perplex me in any way. I expected that much from my exuberant friends in the audience. Our engagement was barely one and a half hour with the safest bet therefore, to hint on ideas aimed at expediting their job hunt to successful outcomes in no time.

From the outset, these young men and women failed to get a crucial life lesson right. They were too quick to discard a piece of advice without subjecting it to thorough scrutiny and duly considering its pros and cons. Presented before them were instance of historical figures who pointed to the fact that you have all to gain and nothing to lose by choosing the path of passion. Some of my audience failed to see these examples. There major preoccupation; “let me just get a job”.


The norm has always been to urge neophytes and veterans alike to seek out and pursue their areas of passion. That point was underscored in tandem with its less touted rival; do whatever comes your way, the more the better and get your hands dirty with as much tasks as you possibly could. That way you will gain a much profound insight into your strengths and capabilities. You will be able to refine your journey as you progress; dropping and picking up some skill sets along the line.

The simple existence of your degree will not attract jobs to you, relevant industry-related skills will. Use the three strategies here-under to gain the needed edge in your career’s journey or job hunt.

1. Plan your career to the end.

Your desperation to land a job quickly without concentration and planning can spell stagnation for your career down the line. Every job has a corresponding temperament required to do well at it. This is also where passion comes in, not just about working at something close to your heart but also one that matches your personality type and natural inclinations. Applying repeatedly to placements not suited for your skill sets or Jumping headlong into a career for which you are not cut out can imperil your success odds.

Chart a career course that will bring out the best in you and exploit your innate potentials. As part of the planning process, identify trending skills in the industry of your choosing and set timelines for acquiring them.

Planning brings to the fore potential obstacles that would have scuttle your chances of finding a job and alert you to the appropriate strategies required to elude them. Plan your days, your weeks, months and even year ahead and do so to no end.

                                   “Experience shows that, if one foresees from far away the designs to be undertaken, one can act with speed when the moment comes to execute them.”

                                                                          Cardinal Richelieu.

2. Front an ardent desire to learn and grow.

One strategy that will give you a head start in your career is the ability to seek out mentors and solicit the opportunity to learn from them in exchange for internship. This will avail you the room to learn faster and make valuable contributions likely to earn you the reputation of an asset to the organization. Who will discard an asset in a market awash with paper-wielding, empty-headed graduates?

Today, experience is valued more than degrees and certifications in most job cases. The strategy mentioned above will give you this edge. Even if it means working for free to gain valuable experience, do so and you will be glad you ever did.

3. Connect with like minds and industry experts  and Network endlessly.

While acting out the strategy stated above, the people you meet therein are valuable elements in helping you attain your career objective, either of landing your dream job or ascending in your current position. In this case, it is a barter of value. You must have something vital to offer in exchange for people’s time and leverage. This could be some sort of skill, or an information that can impart their works and professional lives. Show up online and in physical events and be willing to work up to strangers or ask for introductions from your colleagues and mentors.


Undoubtedly, the job market is shrinking, exacerbated by the downturn on the global economy and the recession that trailed. Workers are being laid off as I write at a rate never before heard of. To survive under the circumstances, a fuse of the old mindsets with a new one is required. Our world is fast changing, sending  to the relegation zone some skill sets and bringing others to the fore.

A continuous zeal to learn and practice the new sets of skill needed to remain competitive in your industry will keep you ahead of the pack. Let me know if the read impacted you in a good way.




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