the only 4 unquestionable daily habits that will increase your self-knowledge


Self-knowledge clarifies, expedite, and helps us to select the apt path to our self-improvement. And success is impossible without self-improvement.

 Self-knowledge gives an ample amount of edge to those who have it, helping them conserve time and energy. With self-knowledge you can easily focus on and engage in what’s most important and relevant in your life, business or career.

Self-knowledge helps you to gain clarity in everything you decide to do, and makes your life much easier than it would be without it.

Much effort is required to become more self-aware, including paying more attention to both the little and big events that happen in your life.

The following efforts, among others, hold the major stakes in helping you grow your self-knowledge to enviable heights.

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If you’re distracted, you can hardly achieve anything worthwhile. Distractions get in the way of progress, and clutters inhibit success. Your goal at any point should be to ward off distractions and the best way to do this is to maintain focus across board.

Rather than prying into the vain details of your friend’s or neighbor’s life, the convolutions of your inner and outer life are more than enough for your prying eyes.

Focus on the ins and outs of your own existence and this will dramatically build up your self-awareness.

Study the events that unfold day in day out; examining the people you meet so as to understand the recurrent themes and trajectories in your encounter with them. While you’ll never be sated from learning from other people and events, you’ll definitely learn more about yourself when you focus on the details of your life than in those of other people.

Multi-tasking and taking on many different projects at one time causes clutter, distracts, and deprive you of the ability to focus. It’s best to take on one thing, perform it well, and pursue it to excellent conclusions, before moving on to the next. To improve your levels of focus……

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To maintain focus on a consistent level is hard, meditation helps to achieve profound depths of focus. It helps to calm the mind and strip it of clutter, warding off distractions. When distractions are lowered, self-awareness peaks. Opportunities become easy to spot in the mental state created by mindfulness.

Its best to set aside time for daily meditation, choosing serene environments. I like to go out of the house into distant neighborhoods where I’m alone in a less populated place near the woods in the outskirts of the town. That way I get to spend solitary moments with nature, comforted by the chirping of birds and the rustling of tree branches. Any placid atmosphere, indoor or outdoor, suffices for meditation.

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Embrace your intuition

Your hunches matter. They exist to nudge you to the rightful places and to help you make the best decisions at all times. They act like the guiding light, always pointing out something of value or signaling the hornet’s nest in every situation.

We silence our inklings out of self-doubts; a lack of conviction on our innate capacities. Our intuitions need developing. But how can we possibly do that without first embracing and understanding them?

Self-awareness requires that you be au fait with your feelings every time, be able to analyze them and make sense of them.

The thing is failure to develop your hunches causes them to render inaccurate connotations of events and situations. To avoid a situation where your guts lead you afield, you must take self-improvement seriously. The more you learn, read, study situations and people, plan, and execute, the better you get at exercising your hunch power.

After all these, embracing your intuition for better self-knowledge must be followed by research. You don’t want to jump headfirst into acting based on just sentiments alone. Know what you’re feeling, then research it to back it up with facts and data before acting. That way, you get the best value from your gut feeling.

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Monitor your life’s progress

Pay close and untainted attention to your history and take a firm hold on the patterns it reveals. Those patterns almost always somehow surface in the future over and over again.

And if it’s your desire to alter the course of your past, you have no other option than to fully grasp that past and to change the thinking and actions that created it. Changing them into the kinds of thoughts and activities that can create the future you desired.

The self-knowledge that reveals the path you ought to take at every occasion, and improves your personal effectiveness becomes readily available when your regularly imbibe these habits.

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