The One Trait You Need To Succeed According to Bill Gates.

Bill Gates and fanaticism.

Our greatest desire as a race is  to get anything we lay our hands on right. Like it or not, we are slaves to success and to those who made it.

Success and failure are both factors of traits and habits. Certain traits makes the successful ones and the failures what they are.

For Microsoft Billionaire co-founder, Bill Gates, He succeeded out of a ‘fanaticism’ about an idea that cost him a normal life in his 20s and 30s.

“By “fanatical” I mean that I was so focused on my vision of putting a computer on every desk and in every home that I gave up a normal existence.” Gates wrote on his blog ‘gatesnotes’.

That is a period in life when most people are totally consumed by the search for a job that pays the bill. Or so focused on earning enough money to buy a car and throw a lavish wedding. Not surprising therefore, how such people never make it to the circle of the successful ones.

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Knowing what you want and where you are headed precedes all other considerations. For Gates, his idea was software and his vision was to put a computer on every desk and in every household.

He knew his vision earlier on and he committed to seeing it to fruition.

That became his singular purpose for which he gave up everything else. There is always a price for success. The successful individuals are aware of this price and are willing to sacrifice much for it.

Giving up vacations and weekends, and deferring marriage to a later date were Gates’ ways of making sure his vision made it through.

Today, having arrived, Mr. Gates spends chunks of his time looking out for other ‘fanatics’ to learn from.

If you’ve always marvel at why the rich are getting richer, don’t look too far. Here’s the answer. They have a feel and taste of success and they, more than anyone else want to remain at the top. To do so, they consistently learn from other successful people.

So, who does Gates learn from? the ‘fanatic’. These are “gifted individuals trying to change the world”, dedicated, working hard and searching for new ways of doing their craft faster and better.

“They are the scientists in search of new vaccines. Teachers working tirelessly to perfect their craft. Engineers dreaming up crazy ideas for new sources for clean energy”. Gates wrote.

This mould fit you irrespective of your calling and journey so far made. Become fanatical at making a positive change within your circle of influence.

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