The Backbone Of A Strong Business And Romantic Partnership

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Your spouse is your best available business partner, Here’s how to make it a thriving partnership

Chemistry As A Formidable Pillar Of A Successful Union

In an earlier post, I delved into a key sustaining factor of a “dream marriage”, presupposing that such a thing exists.

We know that a perfect union is only a figment. Marital fulfillment, is however attainable, although with a cost.

With hard work, sacrifice and a commitment to mutual growth, a blissful marriage is within reach.

All couples do not enjoy equal amounts of ‘bliss’ in their union. Some trump others.

The top performers play and live by the rules. They leave nothing to chance. Working on areas wherein they hold the power to sway the relationship to favorable outcomes.

What Makes A Couple Compatible?

Relationship experts have well argued about what stands as the real test of compatibility for couples.

The presence of sexual and social chemistry, they assert, is the basis for all compatibility in romantic unions. Implying, among other  things that people should marry someone they can be friends and will be willing to go under the sheets with.

The lack of any of these two chemistries represent a fundamental weakness in the footing of any union.

Most people regard chemistry as something of a twist of fate. That is not entirely true as there is a portion of it that lies solely within the ambit of human influence.

“The perfect victim has some quality that inspires strong emotions in you, making your seductive maneuvers seem more natural and dynamic.”

Wrote Robert Greene, in “the art of Seduction”. Implying that chemistry is a product of the person who holds the most effect on you, emotionally.

From the point of view of an entrepreneur, a third chemistry is needed. Let’s proceed to name it ‘financial chemistry’. A partner who sees money related matters from the same angle as yours is invaluable. He/she will accelerate your progress as an entrepreneur.

So my friends, look beyond the skin. The money values of an entrepreneur as we know, revolves around a well-rounded education; strong work ethics; delaying gratification; saving and investing prior to spending; budgeting and a host of others.

What can be more calamitous than a partner whose core competence is bedded in shopping sprees and in spur-of-the-moment purchases. Such a partner will bring your financial ruin in no time.

Why Your Spouse Can Be Your Best Business Partner

Like I wrote in an earlier article, It is a startup mistake for an entrepreneur to pursue his ideas alone; without a co-founder. A startup of at least two founders has far more better chances of surviving the harsh startup ecosystem than that of a solo founder.

Entrepreneurs can find no better business partners than in their spouses. Reason being that they reinforce, motivate and inspire each other far more greater than any other partner could do.

Couples who keep their business affairs and finances away from their marriages stand to lose a great deal of the synergy the union can contribute to their business. A synergy that is lacking elsewhere.

In the least, your spouse should be a passive business partner in the event that you have secured business partnership with other like-minded individuals and she’s unable to make it to the active board.

In essence, I am highlighting what most of us already know. No one plans to spend the rest of their life with an enemy figure.

We share the same building, bed and food with our spouses. We can equally share our lives with them. And our business by all means occupy the larger part of our lives. Hence, our business qualifies as our lives.

There is a thing to the places we first encounter our spouses. They determine, to some extent, the future and success of our union. For long-term relationships, such as in marriage, meeting our spouse through our daily life increases our mutual satisfaction and the longevity of our union.

As a result, and to create a strong synergy of the three chemistries mentioned earlier, a spouse we met at work, during a business networking event, in a seminar or workshop or some other work related event, is most likely to share our values, passions and interests.


Sexual attraction alone is not a sufficient gauge to picking a partner. It wanes with time. A shared interest and/or passion will carry you through the ups and downs of the business and marital partnership.

Make informed choices.




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