the 4 top entrepreneurial habits that will ensure your business succeeds

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Action, consistent and massive, is the one biggest secret to any kind of success.

You’re not a writer, an entrepreneur, or anything else for that matter, simply because you nurture the ambition of becoming so. Neither are you any of those things because you think that that’s what you should be, nor because you’ve studied all that you need to know to earn the titles. Talk of an architect, although trained and certified, who’s never designed. Is that one an architect?

As simple as it seems, although unfathomable by many, you’re a writer if you write, and an entrepreneur if you start, run, or sell businesses. An architect design buildings or carryout works related to design of buildings.

This is basic. what’s more is the consistency in doing what you do. If you blog once in a month, you’re hardly a blogger. Bloggers post either daily, once, twice, or three times weekly, or something of that sort. There’s a routine to these things, and every industry has a routine that’s pertinent to it. Let’s call it the best practice in that industry.

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To become and be known as a writer, write daily. To be recognized as an entrepreneur pick a problem, or spot an opportunity, and go about every single day thinking, studying, and working on solving the problem or seizing the opportunity.

When you earn the title you claim, or really become what you say you are, you earn the amount of success consistent with that title and that is becoming of that profession. Taking into consideration other factors such as your environment, skills, and what have you.

In my experience, I’ve found that, working for someone else, or reporting to a boss is easier than working for yourself, or running your own business, in terms of consistent and massive action. This is because like many people, I started out in paid employment before taking the leap into self-employment and later into entrepreneurship. Until you quit, you must report to work and do what your boss ask of you. In most cases there’s a template developed by senior management. You just stick to it, day-in day-out. You follow laid down procedures. In this case you naturally do the needful and slide through the path carved out for you by the business owner.

Not so when you call the shots. You hold the reins, and nothing happens if you do not take the right action.

Then, there are always hindrances. A thing or two holding you back from doing what ought to be done. The difficulty lies in scaling these hurdles time and again, and doing what is required.

If you’re consistent in executing the core tasks required by your business, odds are that you will do enough to muster the foresight to separate the actions that yield results from those that waste your time, money, and energy. After which you’ll devote more resources to only those tasks that are effective. You’ll become effective; doing less, achieving more.

Since we’re all products of habits, running our lives around the entrepreneurial habits is the only way we will become truly successful business people.

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1. Study your industry and the market

successful entrepreneurs combine as leaders in their industries. They are au fait of changes recurring, and this helps them spring to action in the face of emerging opportunities, prepared and ready to exploit. When you know what your competition is up to, you’re better prepared for any upset they may stir.

2. Get nimble

Your knowledge of your industry and the competition can make you agile.

In any event, being stiff with ideas, processes, strategies, businesses, or even business models will leave you stuck with them when their value has been eroded by obsolescence.

3. Be on top of your marketing and sales processes.

Get the word of your business out all the time through networking, prospecting, and lead generation strategies. Being aggressive in marketing and sales is commendable, more so when they’re done with the interest of the buyer at heart.

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4. Be persistent in improving yourself and your product or service

Continuous and never-ending improvements in every area are the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs.

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Get to work already and watch the impossible unfolds for you.

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