The 3 Inspiring Ways Entrepreneurs Use Their Vivid Imagination to Achieve Massive Success in All Aspects of Their Businesses


In all walks of life, people who understand, appreciate and wield the creative geniuses of their imagination, awe the rest of us. They seem so in control of their personal lives and that of the common good, that we envy them to no small measure, for that uncanny ability to setting and keeping the ball rolling and getting things done in no time, with the least of effort. Everyone, even the bosses look up to these seemingly rare breeds for solutions to problems that gnaw at our organization’s collective sense of peace and well-being.


Their secret, which appears elusive to the rest of us, is in fact no secret. They have mastered and use their imagination in ways we haven’t. With learning and constant practice, we too can tap into the powers of our imaginative faculties to move our businesses and careers into realms that would have been forever elusive without it.

Using Your Imagination to Create and Sustain a Memorable Start-up

The kind of imagination that dramatically improves business performance and that promises untold benefits in every area of a business must not be confused with the woolgathering, wayward wandering of the mind into random territories. Imagination follows a predictable process that is learnable and repeatable.

Imagination is what Success author, Napoleon Hill (culling from the Modern dictionary) describes as “the act of constructive intellect in grouping the materials of knowledge or thought into new, original and rational systems; the constructive or creative faculty; embracing poetic, artistic, philosophic, scientific and ethical imagination.”

In simpler terms, imagination is the organized application of thought to making sense of the world around us, and to creating ideas, to solve immediate and anticipated problems, and forge ahead.

Imagination allows the creation of new ideas from old ones through combining existing ideas in  related or unrelated fields in entirely novel ways.

It entails the ability to spot patterns and identify the possibility of new combinations from such patterns.


Why Imagination is The Key to Success and The Answer to Most Start-Up Problems.

To state that a single thing as imagination  is the key to success is to reduce the path to success (both in business and career) to a straight one as against the convoluted and intricate path that it is.

All of the elements that fit together to produce successful outcomes depend upon the effective use of the imagination to pan out. This is where the assertion that imagination is the key to success hold water.

Imagination holds a central place in everything we do in business. It is the place where all the raw materials for achieving business goals and results are assembled and put into effective use. In essence it is the bedrock of all achievements.

The fundamental building blocks of every successful start-up that include but are not limited to the start-up’s purpose, core values and goals, among other things originate in the imagination. They are part of every start-up’s competitive advantage and cannot be copied from another start-up if they are to make the least of impact.

Start-ups fail when they run into problems that are not novel and have always been around, but the founders fail to anticipate using their imagination. Had the founders tap into their imaginative capacities to identify the potential risks and trouble spots laying in ambush for their idea, they almost certainly would have been able to use their imagination to come up with ideas, plans and strategies to outwit those obstacles and navigate their way around uncertainties.

Problems are more easily tackled when they have been anticipated and success more assured when it has been thought through.

The Aspects of Your Business You’ll Find The use of Your Imagination Most Handy?

Even if you are able to launch your start-up in the most imaginative and creative of footing, which means that your idea is innovative and poised to go for  your industry’s jugular, all the momentum with which you started will wither in the absence of an ever-expanding imagination.

Creativity, innovation and empathy are all forceful drivers of business growth and by extension profitability. All three stem out of the imagination.

Creativity is the process of coming up with novel and impactful ideas. This is common knowledge among most people who venture into entrepreneurship. As is the fact that innovation is applied creativity; the act of applying creative ideas to solving problems.

You don’t want to be creating and innovating products or services the customers do not want or that do not solve their problems. With empathy, you’re able to view your entire start-up process from the point of the consumers. Consequently, you create product or services that come close to filling the needs and demands of the users.

Stories cannot be told without the use of the imagination. Story tellers and creative people of all kinds have a thing or two to teach the rest of us in the use of imagination in the attainment of our objectives.

In a Harvard University commencement speech of 2008, the famous writer of the Harry potter series, J.K. Rowlings exhorted the graduating class to combine the power of what she describes as the ‘fictional magic’ of the imagination with their academic achievement, if they must attain success.

In her speech she described the imagination as “not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.”

By mixing our imagination with everything that concerns our start-ups, we’re able to transform the solutions we offer into meaning and impactful elements, that can no longer be ignored by all stakeholders.

Conclusively, the major tasks you should constantly strive to achieve with your imagination are firstly, the fundamentals of your start-up including your core values, purpose and goals. You can only arrive at a destination successfully, if it has been worked out in your mind.

Secondly, the imagination, as seen earlier, is the source of empathy, a key element of emotional intelligence. I am yet to stumble across a successful person, either through reading or elsewhere, without that unparallel ability to master their own emotions and that of those they regularly deal. It takes the imagination to make sense of what we’re feeling at all times and be able to respond to situations with appropriate decisions. It is the same empathy that enable us to discover the difficulties people are facing in their daily lives for us to be able to respond with creative and innovative solutions that appeals to their self-interests.

Lastly, Imagination is the starting point of creativity and innovation. Two drivers of start-up success without which every start-up will be merely just another business, following the crowd, without any differentiating element. If nothing sets you apart from the competition, you stall, wane in momentum, and eventually become extinct.

With imagination, you’re able to consistently generate creative and innovative ideas for your start-up and also map out in your mind the best possible strategies to implementing those ideas.

Your imagination is your power with which you have the most control over everything else. So use it to the fullest to achieve your wildest dreams.









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