The 2 Most Neglected Secrets About Making More Money



Yes, you read that right. Plus the headline isn’t misleading and it isn’t a click bait. You can’t go out every day and expect to return with a purse heavier than the previous day.

For a caveat, I am by no means an expert giving financial advice. I have had my hands on lots of things. In the process coming across what works and what doesn’t as far as finance is concern.

My suggestion on how you can make more money in your business and career is manifold.

First, you have to accept the fact that there are no quick fixes to gaining wealth and success. The regular route is a must in this case; being it the less or the often travelled. It has to make investment sense, either to you or to those you decide to share it with. As far as you or them have the slightest idea of what qualifies for an investment.

In the same vein, nobody ever became wealthy overnight. They either inherited their fortunes or made it, against the backdrop of the most daunting of odds, over a long period of time. Both ways, much was required to sustain the fortunes.

That said, to make more money starting today, make yourself more aware of the dynamics and concepts of money, starting today. That might mean becoming a regular visitor here at influence or to other blogs that share tips and wisdom about money and wealth. I like Forbes, CNBC, MONEY and a host of others.

One other way I use to stay ahead of my money game is through making personal finance titles a regular staple of my reading list. That way, I made a life-long commitment to educate myself about money and finance. So, I maintain a  stranglehold of my cash flows and other money matters. You can do same, starting today.

Most billionaires are able to retain their wealth as a result of the money nuggets handed down to them by their parents and then, they build upon that knowledge and by extension, relinquish the fortunes to their heirs greater than they met it.

Secondly, a conscious effort to master the patterns and trends that underlie your money habits can change your life, for the best.

An understanding of your interests and talents is a smart career move, in the sense that it creates in you an awareness of your areas of strength and sets you up to seize the job or business opportunities that best align with those strengths.

Much has  been said against the conventional wisdom of pursuing one’s passion. The fact still remains, that most people who ever became masters of any area of human endeavour, did so by pursuing something they perceived as closer to or one with their inclinations and individuality.

This passion is not some narrowly-defined field that these masters identified in its entirety from the onset. As if it’s a straight line, rather than the journey of twists and turns that it is.

As pesonal finance author, Robert Kiyosaki’s once said, “Never stop searching for information and self-knowledge, once you do, ignorance sets in”.


Money cannot be treated in isolation from work and career. I acknowledge the fact that several channels exist to earn money. But if sustainability is anything to be taken seriously, we must begin the journey from our inner selves.


First, we probe into our selves and back into our childhood. Searching for clues to our unique personalities and the interests and inclinations that stem there from.

Secondly, we pick a career that roughly correlates to those interests and inclinations. This can either be through an entirely new and different career or a pivoting of the one we are already in. Implying that you focus on elements of your current job that suit your unique talents and discarding those that fail to tap into your core.

Lastly, We branch off from there by acquiring those skills that are connected directly or indirectly to our career. This allows us to keep learning more about ourselves and our chosen field.






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