How to Position Yourself for Success This New Year


A careful analysis of the preceding year is the best way to start off a prosperous 2017.

The recently concluded year requires lesson-learned reviews.

Certainly, several attempts you made in that year failed to produce the desired results, while others were fruitful even beyond expectations.

Let’s start by identifying every bit of what worked and what didn’t. And then proceeding to handpick the remediable bits of the failures to reposition and repurpose them to be more receptive to the opportunities that comes with the new year.

Some failures are better left off without a second attempt. They are those that lead nowhere. They have no link to your overarching goal and are not in tandem with your interests and passion. Shelve them and move on to more profitable ends. Those that align with your grand plan.

As difficult as it seems, I manage to toe the line of objectivity when analyzing any aspect of a past attempt. We tend to be emotionally invested in an idea that we become blind to its flashpoints. We downplay the fact that something is never going to work.

Rising above such petty subjectivity and approaching things with an open mind sets us up for success even though it throws up our vulnerability.

Here are a few suggestions to begin the new year with.

1. The new year presents a huge opportunity to begin anew, as is every day the sun sets. As much as you can, this time presents a befitting moment to withdraw into your shell to engage in deep soul-searching and meditation.

This period can act as the beginning of a new dawn, giving us all, the chance to evaluate our journey thus far.

2. You’ll achieve far more this year if you start it off with proper planning. Setting goals and milestones for every quarter or month in the way that suits your unique circumstances.

Stick to the plans and allow room for any serendipitous twist of events along the line.

Your plans for the new year will be incomplete without a plan for your educational needs and a plan for those projects you will execute to achieve your goals for the year.

Understand that to rise to a new level of achievement, projects are your friends. The successful execution of your projects for the new year will depend largely on the blend of skills; old and new.

Set in place a plan to acquire the knowledge and skills you lack. Map out the books you need to read this year, seminars or workshops to attend or courses to take on-line.

3. People change constantly, certain people in your current circle of friends might have to go. You don’t want to hang around people who constantly let you down any more.

Expand your circle to include people, events and places that will support you in achieving your goals for the new year.

I hope you make the best of the new year.



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