How to Attract the Attention and Support of Influential and Successful People Without Even Trying

Every upcoming entrepreneur needs the help of other successful entrepreneurs to climb up the business ladder. Veterans provide an entrepreneur with access to their own connections, funding, new markets and business, advice, motivation, ideas, and mentoring. It is impossible, as a matter of fact, to succeed in business without the helping hand of one or more successful persons pulling you up in several ways until you build a remarkable and profitable business.

In that regard, no success is self-made. Every success depends on the successes that preceded it.

That is because success has a tribe which has access to certain privileges. These privileges include the pool of other successful people, their networks, businesses, and their actions, including the events and parties they attend, the monies and investments they control, the way and manner they conduct their businesses and personal lives, and the aura they command.

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Everyone who succeeded did so because those who have succeeded before him allowed him access to the privileges of the success tribe.

Consider the case when I spent several months or years working on an idea and building a business around it, all to the best of my knowledge and ability. At the end of the day, the product or service wasn’t widely accepted by consumers, the business wasn’t funded or in some cases it ran out of funds. Also, I had little knowledge or experience about the business. My management skills were below par. As a result, I went out of that business; put otherwise, I failed.

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Nobody pat me in the back for failing, but as soon as I experience some level of success I drew the attention of those who have achieved success and those who haven’t. I invariably find my way into the success tribe.

In the midst of the fogginess created by failure, nobody cares about you and your struggles. So, when you get it right, people want to be associated with you and what you’ve achieved.

The experience of failure taught me the value of achieving a match between an idea, the market, my skills, experience and my unique circumstances and environment. In addition to that, I became aware of the host of other things that must dovetail to make a business a success. I continue to build from there over again until I attained successful outcomes.

By the nature of success, successful people spend a chunk of their time managing their several businesses and keeping up with the daily habits necessary to maintain and surpass their current status. They read heavily, meditate, exercise, and honour speaking invitations. The little time they have left, they spend with their families and friends and in social functions.

So, it’s hard to get them to listen to a random beseecher. And since most people pester the rich for money and other requests that do not promise any benefits for the rich, they tend to build a wall to ward off these people.

To reach the position of influence, every successful man or woman had to provide some of their industry’s best solutions to the problems that bedevil that industry. So they are continually cautions of and dealing with the new problems that arise regularly. For this, they’re ever on the lookout for anyone who’ll take some of those challenges off their shoulders. This presents an opportunity for an upcoming entrepreneur who needs the support of the already successful to make inroads into the success tribe.

The first step to attracting influential people to support your causes is to develop the best and most popular skills within your industry. That way you can begin to tackle any problem from your vantage point; sending your name out to the world, building your influence, and granting you admission into the success tribe.

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Many ways exist through which anyone can earn the respect and eventual support of successful people. Before even considering such ways, first, get down to work. Concentrate on building a remarkable product or service and you’ll become a force to reckon with in your industry, even among the influencers.


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