How Our Upbringing Shapes Our Future

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Rare encounters alter the direction of our lives. You can create some of them, even today. Here they are.

Make Quick Decisions To Fast-track Your Success Journey

With each setting of the sun, draws near the twilight of our stint on this space.

With such a fleeting nature than we can muster the pluck to swallow, it’s only sensible that every bit of life be put to its best use.

The earlier we decide the courses of our lives and careers, the better. There is no standing in-between; no middle grounds in this matter. You are either in or out; either here or there.

The fact that we are all pressed for time suggests that we make good decisions and make them quickly. Stop vacillating about what to do with your life.

Make your decisions now,  they are better wrong now than never. A failed attempt benefits more than inaction. It teaches and instructs. Paving the way for better future decisions.
Follow up your decisions with plans and action. And above all, a healthy dose of speed is extremely handy.

Competitiveness in any career requires lots of time and efforts. The reason why you shouldn’t squander any more time.

Begin now, though with a fairly clear mental picture of the end. Prompting the need to know the purpose of your life from the outset, or in the least,  making it a daily ritual to work out the details of your purpose until it gets as plain as the nose on your face.

The challenges of Early Life

I have had my fair share of roughly a decade of hits and misses in adulthood. In the process, achieving lots of uncommon feats and loosing by a wide margin in several other undertakings.

Youthful energy adds as much as it detracts.

If you grew up with a parental figure guiding your every step of the developmental process, there’s every likelihood that you’ll be precluded from the gory experiences that stem from a youth without one.

I watched the infantile exploits of my six-month old girl and marvel at her inability to retain events, places and faces at this formative stage.

She smiles at my gestures, often times bland, all in the dimness of a tot’s mind. So much of a similitude to a lad plunging through life without a discerning and experienced guide.

Or even those who follow blindly the lead of an overbearing parent urging them on to certain mediocrity. Same for those who bulldoze along under the tutelage of a spineless parent. Certainly, they are all poise to have it rough.

Worse case, is when this dazzled lad failed to shed the baggage of that nightmarish upbringing through some sort of encounter. An encounter with a book, a role model or a mentor figure who comes along to alter the course of the lad’s life.

Encounters That Forged an Entirely Different Being

The encounters that upend the drift of my life are much of books as they are of strong mentors. I find no mentors in the early stage to tap from the lessons and experiences of their foray in business.

My earliest mentors were those that held my hands and walked me through my spiritual voyages. They had a strong influence on what I grew to become.

In the least, they built the bond that held me closely glued to certain potent principles. Such principles guide the ethics I observed till this day in life and in business.

An even greater ordeal is the chance meeting with a wrong element. The undiscerning mind of this young man sucks up the spew of the charlatan, drifting further off course.

I lost my father at the tender age of ten. I doubt if he could have had any much of an impact in what I now know I could emerge into. What is however worthy of note is the kind of culture he could have imbued in me.

As much as I can now recall, our father was an entrepreneur to the core. None of his peers in the settlement he hailed from could measure up to him even distantly.

On the one hand, our father had several farms like most of his compatriots did but on the other, he had a near monopoly of his wholesale commodity business in that rural community, with a vast network of associates outside it.

Embedded within his ventures are cases for diversification and hard work. Stories of his exploits reached us, of how back then he would traverse villages on bicycles to pull through business deals.

Not so much knowledge of the old man’s personality and business ventures did I retain; but his contemporaries told me of his entrepreneurial successes and failures. The man’s knack for risk-taking attained healthy proportions.

Relics of his successes are still visible today. The lack of harmony and coordination among my eldest siblings meant that the man’s legacies will not endure.

Fortunately for me, our father’s lessons-though never taught to me directly- incised deeply in the crust of my being. From an evolutionarily angle, where else could I have found my ‘why’ in life and in business.

How Do we Create Life-altering Encounters

Today, I consciously seek out moments and encounters that hold great possibilities for altering my life in the direction of my most desired object. You should do same.

Daily, I seek out events and people. Events where people speak and share anecdotes chronicling how they scaled daunting hurdles in daring endeavours.

You may call it networking but I’ve only lived in few places, experience a limited circle of people. Knowing the allowable details of others’ personal experiences gives me perspective. And such perspective shapes and expand my outlook.

There is no substitute whatsoever to reading. Through this great daily habit, there is no limit to the sort of life-shaping encounters we’ll pull off.

Abraham lincoln said, “A capacity, and taste, for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. It is the key, or one of the keys, to the already solved problems. And not only so. It gives a relish, and facility, for successfully pursuing the unsolved ones.”

Reading alone does not suffice to produce an achievement for us. The systematic application of what we know to our object does.

On account of that, getting out and getting the work done in a massive way raises our chances of success to tremendous proportions.

You are welcome to share with us details of your childhood that shaped your being and guided the direction of your aspirations.






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