Here’s Why A Positive And Expectant Mind Always Wins in Life and Business

IMAGE CREDIT: bestansweringservice-info
IMAGE CREDIT: bestansweringservice-info
By Abdulwasi’i Ilyas

The Many Contributions of A positive and Expectant Mind To Success

Holding a positive mental image of the future is the key to optimum performance. As with many things in life, you see only that which you are wont to see. With a Positive expectation you are taking by the good in every situation.You become enthusiastic and you are able to achieve great things.
“I would rather hire a man with enthusiasm than a man who knows everything”    
 John D. Rockefeller
Focusing on the auspicious side of things embolden you to exploit them to the fullest. Maximizing their opportunities and undermining the impact of the negative aspects.
The timing for ditching My paid job was inappropriate even though I was underpaid at the time. That would have spelt my financial doom not for the fact that my positive disposition pushed me into learning and getting soaked in a lot of ventures that eventually got me going.
A positive disposition alone neither guarantee success nor detract the fact that the path to greatness and achievement is a roller coaster, fraught with perils and setbacks.
Positive expectation builds the willpower and create the energy required to jolt you out of complacency and lethargy into taking bold steps.
What is more heartrending than knowing the ubiquity of opportunities without the will and capacity to exploit them? the will and capacity that accrue from a positive mindset.
The worst tend to always find a safe landing at the doorway of a pessimist. Their worst fears becoming their lot.
The strongest affinity exists between success and optimism. This is because your obsessions materialize into your future.

Enthusiasm Makes People compliant and Work Endearing

Only an optimist will be enthusiastic about a course, an idea, and/or a project enough to summon and invest his best and most creative energies into them.
His positive and expectant mindset creates in him an unwavering faith and an unflinching purpose. The firm faith that his positive mental image will materialize and the purpose to see it so.
It is your faith and purpose that will weather the storms of long hours of work and study that success demands.
Enthusiasm is an indispensable resource you must cultivate to reach the highest echelons of your business or calling. It is that strong force that will keep you going against the daunting odds, pulling down all stumbling blocks along the line.
Pessimism is typical of the faint of heart. Breeding insecurity and  a weak will.
Your creative juices will sag  to the pit in the absence of enthusiasm. You cannot gain any traction in your work nor create something of value without tapping into your creative juices at the height of them.
Your enthusiasm must be palpable and infectious for people to take you serious and become willing to act and do business with you in the manner you want them to. And that is success; when people are willing to act and do business with you in your own terms.
However, you mustn’t be stuck in the rut of positive thinking to become blinded to the trouble spots in your plans.
Take full cognizance of the fact that plans can and do go awry. Use this knowledge to keep surveillance of potential trouble spots and map out ways to circumvent or mitigate them while hoping that things take a turn for the best.

Vital Steps To Creating Your Desired Future

Success is retrospective. You can only in hindsight know what permutations of ideas and actions flourished and those that flunked.
“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Said Apple Co-founder, Steve Jobs.
Your current idea of success is most likely to morph into a more grander and fulfilling concept as you progress in your journey.
You mustn’t know the finest details of your vision. Begin with the knowledge, skills and experience at your disposal and continually build on that.
You need to be consistent by building daily or regular rituals around those activities that will incrementally lead you to success.
Study from books, mentors, competitors and most importantly from the streets.
By studying the rudiments and details of your business, you’ll be able to craft appropriate goals and build the networks, tools, systems and strategies necessary to achieve them.
Ensure that you have a plan in place and are committed to seeing it take shape before your eyes. Act with speed in all things and at all times.
If you are going to ever fail, let it be now. That’s why you should find a point befitting your current levels of skill and knowledge and begin therefrom.
Be cognizant of the two possible outcomes of your actions; the positives and negatives. Hope and eagerly expect the positive and plan possible ways to undermine the negatives should they rear their obnoxious head.
Act fast, make mistakes, learn from them and use the lessons learnt to continue building and improving. That way you’ll be sure to hit the mark at the end of the day.
If there is a way you’ve profited from a positive mindset, or experience positive thinking differently, the comment box is yours for the taking.



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