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Abdulwasi’i Ilyas.

Ever wondered what your best and most appropriate career is?. Is it the the highest-paying, or one that offers the most prestige and recognition. Research and history suggests that the most suitable career for you is found in your doing the work you love most.

you are a unique individual with a clearly distinct personality, talent and passion. you will succeed better and faster in a career that is well attuned to your uniqueness. Your work and spouse are pretty similar and occupy closely equal status, in the sense that you spent the most of your time and life in their company.

Marriage, as well as work, is already hard on its own. Would you rather marry someone you do not love?. That will further complicate the matter. Spending days, and weeks, and months, and years, and even a lifetime on a job you do not love is going to be a life full of frustrations, disappointments, disenchantment, and resentment for the work upon which all your hopes of a meaningful and comfortable life is placed.

Doing work you love is the only way to tap into your individuality, and that in turn is the way to stand out from the crowd. That enables you produce work that is original and that is the way to succeeding at what you do.

How do I know which work I love?, you may ask. Like Steve Jobs said to a graduating class at Stanford University ? “as with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it”.

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“Don’t settle, keep searching”.

Let’s borrow some space here to lay a little more emphases on the rewards that accrue from doing work you are passionate about. Success at any career requires a high level of technical knowledge, and a burning desire to keep abreast of trends and developments in the chosen field. This can only be achieved through taking a deep personal interest in what you do.

When you are passionate about something, you will want to know all that there is to know about that thing. You tend to also gravitate towards the people and events that share your passion. You will love them more and show a keener interest in them and they will reciprocate your show of interest, opening up a wide array of opportunities for career growth.

Here are five tested and trusted ways to build your career around what you love.

  1. Go on a treasure hunt to discover your innate talents and passions: You are better off choosing a career that is best suited to your personality. You will need to first discover who you are in the core by going back to your formative years as a child growing up.

Therein, you will find those things that held you spellbound and enthralled for hours and made you lost count of time.

  1. Identify the subjects you find most interesting: There are certainly those subjects in elementary school that pricked your curiosity more than others. It is most likely that your passion lies therein.


  1. Devote time to learn the basics: Learning the basics clear up time to focus on the advance knowledge required to position yourself as an authority in your field. when you are an authority in your field, your income invariably takes an exponential leap.
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  1. Get a mentor: A mentor has travelled the path and is aware of the pitfalls lying along it. His guidance will be invaluable in pointing out to you mistakes to avoid along the path, as well as show you the shortcuts, if there are any.


  1. Become an apprentice: Apprenticeship will allow you to gain immense experience from your mentor required to become a master in your field.

If you find yourself in the wrong career, it is never too late to switch course. Though difficult as it may seem, it is still better than living all your life in mediocrity, because any work you do which you do not enjoy will only yield mediocre outputs.

Changing course does not mean entirely jettisoning your past efforts and career. while working at your present job, you can gradually begin to take free courses, or attend distant learning programs before the time to make the switch finally and naturally presents itself.

abdulwasi’i ilyas is a practicing architect, entrepreneur, media consultant, and founder of Projectech Networks Ltd. For more on career, personal finance and entrepreneurship kindly follow him via his facebook page and twitter handle @abdelwaasii.


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