Chronicle of My most delighting festive moments

Emir's Palace, katsina

By Abdulwasi’i Ilyas

Abdulwasi'i Ilyas
Abdulwasi’i Ilyas

Yes, I am aware, that the companions  of the Prophet will cry at the abatement of the days of The Holy month of Ramadan. My predisposition towards the holy Month was far from that. May be am not as near pious as the companions were. Never mind, My generation is fourteen hundred years away from theirs. I have to prosecute daily battles of livelihood, Working as an architectural manipulator and a blogger. In addition to that, I train. Social media and other exigencies of modern living are there to perpetually contend with. That 30th day? I don’t know, I observed its fast nonetheless.

Apart from the general relevance of ei’d attendance for adherents of the Muslim faith, I seize the occasion as a rare opportunity to petition the most-high for the most elusive items in the objects of my definite chief aim. One of such petitions last year, yielded tremendous fruits; a daughter, after several years of anticipation. Years earlier, I beseeched for the highest grade in the course I was enrolled, that request was granted. Not eliminating the role played by the fact that I kept my nose to the grindstone in preparations for the Examinations.

I didn’t  fail to make such requests this time amidst a large crowd of worshipers making hurried efforts to return home to devour whatever delicacy await their arrival from the Prayer ground.

Back home, trips to the kitchen were more frequent, and consequently a hip that could be devoured in split second was maintained. That guaranteed nearly five visits thereto while keeping a low belly gauge.

In the course of the day, friends’ visits at home stood at a dismal single friend, for the fact that the fatigue accruing from thirty days of work without a single day off added to the abstinence from major pleasures during the day inexorably swayed my system to the side of a nap. It was quite refreshing and energy-boosting and laid a solid foundation for the merriment that was in the offing within and outside the home.

Celebrating ei’d in katsina is not necessarily as mind-numbing and monotonous as you might be led to believe. The number of parks and places to visit are scanty though, but a more probing look might just reveal tourist destinations oft ignored by many.

Katsina motel provides a serene and cool location with large-sized trees and a natural ambience to unwind away from the noisy traffic of the thoroughfare outside its precincts. As my choice destination, I sought solace in the privacy it offers in the evening of the day and took deep and sober reflections of the happenings and gains of the period just concluded.

The traditional Hawan Sallah durbar, a form of traditional horse-riding procession with the Emir leading his entourage creates a scenery for fun seekers to titillate their eyes. I’m not a fan of such traditions though, but a compelling crowd thronged its ambit. For most that was their greatest source of pleasure for the Sallah celebration. I hope they caught their fun.

Katsina Durbar
Katsina Durbar

Ramadan 2016 has reached its summit, the guys are back to the trenches and life continues. The world is no less skeptical about Islam’s claim to be a religion of peace, amidst a Sallah celebration that recorded no incidence of violence even in Boko haram infested North-east.

I hope you had fun irrespective of  disturbing revelations to the effect that some civil servants had to go through the festivities without salaries. This change regime better begin to yield fruits. For those who care to take age old financial pieces of advice seriously: delay gratification and always save for the rainy day. This might help cushion the blow of salary/wage delay.




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