Can the PDP keep the APC-led Federal government on its toes? PART 2







By Abdulwasi’i Ilyas

The PDP lost grip of power at the center in the 2015 elections for so many reasons. Chief among which was their internal wrangling and the lack of a clear, strong and unflinching sense of purpose and direction.

The aftermath of the loss saw the party drifted into what is described as ‘withdrawal syndrome’.

While the party was hibernating, members who were not victims of the devastating shock occasioned by the unprecedented electoral defeat saw the opportunity to appropriate powers.

These parties  assumed the roles of major stakeholders-inviting as its alleged -individuals they deemed appropriate to steer the ship of the party. I do not blame them though. That was the natural course of action.

The hibernating group rose from their deep slumber to the grim reality of what they refer to as newcomers snatching and cornering the machineries of their party.

A good number of them have been so busy answering invitations from anti-graft bodies like the EFCC-that they failed to notice that someone who joined their party in 2014 has grown substantial clout to emerge the chairman of the only party they can call their own.

A battle of the young against the old

The sense of belonging, of self worth and of importance of this long standing members is being greatly undermined by this man who according to Ebenezer babatope, a member of the board of trustees of the party is not qualified-given his antecedents of corruption, his alleged involvement with the dreaded Boko haram sects and the duration of his membership-to lead the party.

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The trio of Ekiti state Governor, Ayo fayose,55, the senator representing Ogun east, Buruji Kashamu, 57, and the national chairman of the PDP, Ali modu Sheriff,59, are laying claims to youthfulness and thereby demanding some key members of the Board of trustees-like Babatope ebenezer,73, Bode george 70, to step aside and let the younger elements run party affairs.

The older chieftains did not take it lightly though. This is the response of Ebenezer babatope and I assure you that President Buhari will be delighted to hear this.

” You don’t insult elders, if you do so, you have committed abomination, and you pay dearly for it one way or the other”.

He went further, “the younger elements can pose no threat to Buhari. You can’t destroy age, maturity and experi­ence”.

Give us another chance

While Senator Ibrahim Mantu is asking forgiveness from Nigerians for the PDP for the sins committed against them, Senator David Mark-in an arrogance characteristic of the PDP, still muster the gall to assert that Nigerians now know that the PDP was the best party for them .

Senator Mantu spoke of the sins of impunity, imposition, and betrayal of trust and like the prodigal son begged that if given a second chance will make things right.

Relax, do not begin to panic,contemplating if you can trust this crop of politicians ever again. Mantu has said it all. ” Reports reaching us from the states show that we have gone back to our own game. We have learnt nothing , we are doing exactly what we did that led us to losing government”.

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