Aliko Dangote is the only African on Bloomberg’s list of 50 most influential people.

The fringes of influence are wide, extending far into usual and unusual territories.

Financial and business news and information company Bloomberg is redefining influence and greatness by combing all corners and facets of the world for heavy doses of influence through the Bloomberg 50.

The Bloomberg 50 is a list of 2017 most influential global leaders curated by the agency’s global team of analysts and journalists. Leaders who make this year’s list drawfrom across industries including business, politics, finance, science, technology, and entertainment.

According to Bloomberg, these leaders are entertainers, executives, entrepreneurs, and experts who defined global business in 2017. Their inclusion in the list is underpinned by certain quantifiable metrics.

“What sets The Bloomberg 50 apart from other lists is that each person chosen has demonstrated measurable change over the past year,” said Megan Murphy, editor of Bloomberg Businessweek.

“Readers will find many names they recognise, but will also discover new visionaries—people who are impacting the world in significant ways, and are rapidly gaining the attention they deserve.”
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The list is no respecter of age, industry, or geography. Lilly Singh, a 29-year old YouTube star and author made the list alongside Tech CEOs Tesla’s Elon Musk of Tesla and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

You tube Star, Lilly Singh

Among others, The Saudi Prince Muhammed Bin Salman who’s bent on pushing through laws that’ll allow women to drive, in an initiative forecasted to add a revenue of $90 billion to the Saudi economy by 2030, also made the list.

Aliko Dangote, with an estimated net worth of US$12.5 billion who according to Forbes is the 67th richest person in the world and the richest in Africa as of February 2017, is the only African on the Bloomberg 50.
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Paul Wallace of Bloomberg wrote this about Dangote.

“Dubbed “the quiet billionaire” for his relatively frugal lifestyle, Dangote fast-tracked plans to help his country of 180 million people import less of what it eats. Dangote, who made his fortune in the cement industry, is turning his attention to dairy and sugar farming; he’s earmarked $800 million to buy 50,000 cattle in the hope of producing 500 million liters of milk annually by 2019. He’s also racing to finish a 650,000-barrel-a-day oil refinery near Lagos, set to be one of the world’s biggest, and says he intends to spend as much as $50 billion in the next decade on renewable energy and petrochemical refineries, including investments in the U.S. and Europe. Which is all fine, but not quite his grand ambition: buying Arsenal, his favorite soccer team.”
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