4 Success Lessons From Oprah Winfrey’s Amazing Rise From Extreme Poverty to a Billionaire.


Sceptics from all angles would have us believe that the only factor responsible for success is that of birth. That unless you are born into great fortune, your chances of ever finishing strong in life and business are slim to none.

Here is one woman whose life strongly belie that submission and here’s how she did it.

She rose from abject poverty coupled with wanton sexual abuse into a billionaire through actions and probably a little bit of luck.

Whether you had the head start of a wealthy family or your lot is like Oprah Winfrey’s at the start of her life, here are a few billion dollar lessons to live by, if you goal is to strike out rich some day.

  1. Form the habit of constantly educating yourself

Winfrey dropped out of Tennessee State University to pursue a media career. Making a case for the argument that a college degree is not a precondition for achievement. Although, she came back ten years later to finish her degree.

Her opting out of college gave her the chance to experiment with lots of available options and in the process acquire hands-on skills and experience in the media industry.

While college may not be the prerequisite for success, knowledge and lifelong learning are.

A vast majority of self-made individuals give their lives to continuous self-education in the form of reading, seminars, taking online and offline courses and so on.

    2. Take risks along with massive actions

Leaving school was an avenue for Winfrey to explore opportunities, that later proved to be her making.

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She became the first black female television news anchor before 20. A vivid indication that an early start offers a head start.

While there are entrepreneurs who met success through one big idea, a lot more others succeeded and continue to push the limits through excellent execution of several ideas. Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Ellon Musk, and a host of other serial entrepreneurs are symbols of this paradigm.

In Winfrey’s case, she’s been involved in films, television series, and plays. She stars in upcoming fantasy adventure; a wrinkle in time, based on a 1962 novel of the same name. This is at 63, an age when most people are hankering for retirement.

Her media empire comprise the Oprah Winfrey Network and O; The Oprah Magazine. Her radio channel ran from 2006 to 2015.

She started a private charity and also collects art on the sideline.

   3. Forge ahead despite adversities

Who’s unaware of the many sexual abuses Winfrey experienced. Anyone can face similar victimisations. Most people will allow the grisly experience to mould and shape them into bitter individuals, But not Winfrey.

She rose above poverty and abuse and she’s still rising.

The circumstances of her birth were even more detracting. Born to an unmarried mother, she finally got her feet planted in one home, when she moved to her dad’s place in Nashville. After several shuffles between family members.

Despite all these, she made her first million in 1986, when the Oprah Winfrey Show became prominent.

   4. Start small, with what you have, where you are.

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If you keep waiting for the big opportunity before you start a business or make a smart career move, your waiting might tangle with eternity.

Starting is the way to learn about your journey and to test your assumptions sooner than later. Starting with the little you know and have, will trigger your future growth instantly and sets you up to succeed.

Winfrey started as a news anchor and ended up a billionaire.






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