why an increasing number of Nigerian entrepreneurs chose the path of entrepreneurship over earning a degree

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The question of whether to earn a degree or take the path of entrepreneurship is not as linear as it is posed. For most people, earning a degree is mandatory for them to lead a near sane existence. These Kinds of people are closely guided by their parents or guardians so that they finish a degree before they had the time to reflect on what career or life path they’ll chose given the chance. These are the people who finish their degrees before they even realise what obtains in the real world.
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Why you need a degree

Somebody who doesn’t know what to make of their live is better off starting out with a degree so that he can later on course correct to a better alternative. At least earning a degree is the path almost everyone is taking, when you don’t have any interest you intend to pursue or pain point you intend to solve, you’re better off taking advantage of the security offered by joining the crowd. A degree is better to secure your future in that sense.
Secondly, if you’re going into one of the closely regulated field where you’ll require a license before you practice, this question is out rightly uncalled for. A degree and other certifications are absolute necessities in such a case.
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In Nigeria, there are other instances where degrees are an absolute necessities. For jobs in the public and private sectors, a degree translate into a healthy remuneration, better packages and constant promotions. Without degrees workers are condemned to petty salaries and lower levels in the hierarchy of civil service plus poor working conditions.
For others who can’t get any of the few available public and private sector jobs, they oftentimes pursue a path of self-employment where their degree always never count for a thing except the good communication skills they acquire in the course of their study. Looking at the investment of time and money a degree require, most of the benefits these persons obtained from a degree can be achieved through other quicker and more effective means.
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Entrepreneurs’ education transcend degrees

In entrepreneurship today, so much needs to be learnt. These knowledge and information is readily available online and scarcely available in universities. What can a professor who has never founded a startup teach about startups? YouTube and the Internet is awash with young people who have achieved remarkable success in their field teaching a thing or so about that field. I would rather learn from such than a credentialed unskilled granddad.
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