Should you drop out of a Nigerian university and travel outside the country for business?

Nigerian Students

Dropping out of a Nigerian University or any other university in the world for that matter in order to pursue business opportunities can either be a good idea or the worst thing that will ever happen to the person dropping out depending on many factors.

Formal education has become life’s greatest undoing for horde of people because they gulped hook, nail, and sinker the idea that attending tertiary institution is everyone’s surest path to economic prosperity.

It’s all a matter of perspective

While a university degree is the source of fortunes for many, it’s also the root of misery, penury and debasement for countless others. For some of us the path to attaining our goals and desires lies completely outside the fringes of a university education, still we waste nearly a decade in its pursuit. Consider the number of years spent making up for O-level deficiencies, writing or retaking UTME, awaiting admission, strikes, awaiting NYSC call-up, NYSC itself and then searching for a job. In most cases a decade is gone.
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Because most people are wired to see risks and think negatively, they fail to see the countless opportunities that can accrue from an investment of ten years in business. All we see are the tattered, shabby young men and women without qualifications roaming our streets in abjection and desperation, pursuing one trade or another that promises nothing but pittance.

We do not see the giant strides of young men and women who could not stand the monotony of formal schooling along with the obsolete information it’s dishing out, to become experts through personal development, self study and experiential learning in a real world activity like business.

And let me quickly draw your attention to the fact that many of the celebrated dropouts did so in forethought that remaining in school will slow down their education. They’re folks who placed a premium on education, and since entrepreneurship isn’t medicine, law or some other closely guarded profession that requires a license, these folks had to learn as quickly as they possibly can. School was going to clog their progress, so they opted out. And they’re forever glad they did.

It baffles me to no small extent that most people cannot separate schooling from education. So many of us have allowed formal education to limit our quest for relevant and useful knowledge because we have come to believe that rehashing of theories and formulae-both the useful and the utterly useless ones-is what education revolves around. How wrong!
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Chose your path carefully

If the path you chose for your life necessitate sticking with school all through, by all means do so. Otherwise jump out like a maniac.

I’ve heard of those who think that the most important reason we all should stick with school all through is ‘packaging.’ What do they mean by packaging? Personal branding or something of that sort, I reasoned. To a larger extent that ends only in their imaginations’ figment.

Entrepreneurs need a packaging that is far beyond what a degree can ever offer. Think of deep knowledge, creativity, imagination, relevant skills, ability and the entrepreneurial personality. All more effective packaging for entrepreneurs than a degree in a field outside their interest and passion, and that they will never make use of all their lives.

We know our individual situations better than any other person including therapists, chose your path base on what’s most suitable for you now and in the future.
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